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Ant Insecticide Baits

Ant baits can be granulated baits or gel formulations.  Baits can also be in liquid form and solid bait stations.  Simply find the bait or baits that best suit your ant species as well as the location of the problem and any sensitive areas or sensitive situations.
Granular Ant Baits Granular baits can usually be applied around exterior of homes, around ant beds; indoors, they can be used in wall voids or other areas inaccessible to people and pets.
Ant Bait Gel Formulation Gel formulations of ant bait are soft and easy to apply to cracks and crevices.
Can also be placed in spots in ant foraging areas, ant trails -- where ants can find the bait but still out of reach of children and pets.  For tough jobs, combine an ant bait gel with a granular ant bait or ant bait stations.
Ant Bait Stations Ant bait stations are often mistakenly called "ant traps" which is not an accurate description.  An ant trap would be something that captures ants.  Bait stations (for insect control) are usually plastic containers filled with an insect bait and designed so that the targeted pest can easily locate and enter the device.
In the case of ant bait stations and roach bait stations, the plastic device usually holds a "cookie" or solid material which ants or roaches love to eat.
The active ingredient listed on a station's label is the insecticide that kills the targeted pest.  The remaining ingredients are attractants (usually food of some sort) used to lure the pest into the station to feed.
Ant bait stations can differ, according to the brand name.  While some baits are great for attracting fire ants (for example) other baits work well for carpenter ants.
Ant bait stations should usually be placed close to but not on top of the ant "trail."  [These ant trails are loaded with information (in the form of pheromones) needed by the ant colony to located food, describe which type of food has been located (grease, protein, sugars, etc.) and how far away the food can be found.]
Try not to disturb this pheromone trail when placing insect baits as this could confuse the ants, forcing them to relocate the trail.  If moved too far, your targeted ant pest may not find your ant bait.