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Application Equipment

Pest Control Application Equipment
Spray Equipment - Chapin plastic and B&G stainless sprayers
Fogging machines (foggers)
Dusters - Electric dusting equipment and manual dusters
Foam with Professional Foamer

Cannot ship to AK, HI, WA.
Sprayers Chapin and B&G Sprayers, Hose End Sprayers.
One gallon sprayers for household pest control.
Use hose-end sprayer to apply insecticides to large outdoor areas such as lawns.
B&G Sprayers and Parts B&G Sprayers and B&G Sprayer Parts
In general, sprayer parts are first set into their specifice parts group, then listed in numerical order.
Sprayers and parts are divided into five groups:

- Complete B&G Sprayers
- Tip Assembly
- Extenda-Ban Wand and Wand Replacement Parts
- Pump Unit Complete and Pump Unit Replacement Parts
- Tank Unit and Tank Parts
Cannot be shipped to AK, HI, WA
Foggers Equipment for Fogging
Includes cold foggers and thermal fogging.
Cold foggers emit clean, small droplets for indoor fogging; can also be used outdoors.
Thermal foggers (hot fogging) are for outdoor use; great for killing mosquitoes outside.
Dusters Dusters - Manual and Electric Dusters

Hand held bellows dusters, larger manual dusters and professional electric duster.
Dusters allow better application of insecticide dusts and fine baits into cracks, crevices, attics and crawl spaces.  Cannot ship to AK, HI, WA.

Safety Equipment Respirators and cartridges to use while fogging, dusting or applying insecticides.

Bait Applicators Equipment for applying baits (roach baits, ant baits.)