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Bees and Wasps

Wasp and Hornet Control Products
Carpenter Bees, Bumble Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Yellowjackets
Carpenter Bees Carpenter Bees and Carpenter Bee Control Products
Sprays, dust and equipment needed to control carpenter bees.
Insecticide sprays are used inside holes made by wood boring carpenter bees as well as other areas where the bees might try to damage wood.  This gives a quick kill and helps prevent re-infesting bees.
Insecticide dusts applied with a hand-held duster will penetrate carpenter bee galleries for long term control of bees and their young, as the young hatch and emerge.
Cyper WP, Cynoff EC and D-Fense SC are the most popular insecticide concentrates for carpenter bee control.  Cyper WP has good knock-down and best residual but will leave a visible residue on dark surfaces.  Cynoff EC has same active ingredient as Cyper WP; dries clear; has about 4 week residual.  D-Fense-SC also dries clear but has about 8 week residual.
Drione Dust and Delta Dust both do a good job killing carpenter bees in their galleries.  Drione Dust has longer residual; Delta Dust is water proof.
You may choose individual products to suit your needs or choose one of the Carpenter Bee Kits that will save a little money.
Wasps and Hornets

Wasps, Hornets

Wasps and hornets that live in above ground, paper type nests or colonies. 

Wasps of the Family Vespidae (Paper Wasps, Hornets, Yellowjackets) are social insects, building colonies out of paper like material (hence the names paper nests, paper wasps) and this group are some of the most dangerous stinging insects.
Mud Daubers can sting but do not belong to this group; they are solitary (not social) and build their nests or cells from mud, not paper.

Yellowjackets and Ground Wasps Most ground wasps are solitary wasps, not social.  Yellowjackets also build their nests in the ground but are social stinging insects.