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Nuisance birds are those whose nesting and feeding habits tend to damage property, cause unsanitary conditions for the public and even endanger lives.  Birds do endanger lives when they encounter airplanes, for instance.
Bird control products are designed to be humane, using different tactics:

Visual Scare Tactics    Physical Deterrents    Professional Sonic and Ultrasonic Devices

Successful bird control programs usually involve the use of a combination of tactics.  For continued success, change your scare tactics from time to time.  Wildlife have shown the ability to adapt to their environment, with bears, raccoons, fox, pigeons being a short list of wildlife animals and birds who have adapted to live in close proximity to humans and man-made objects.
Electronic Bird Control Devices Electronic bird control devices vary in size to cover certain areas and in means of operation to help repel, control different bird species.
Ultrasonic devices scare birds and animals with sounds that are above human hearing but which have the effect of a large jet taking off to the animals.  Very useful in certain areas where audible noise is not acceptable.
Sonic devices have been improved upon with various scare sounds and better delivery systems than in years past.
For stubborn wildlife problems, sonic and ultrasonic have also been integrated in one unit, giving you the best of both worlds in bird control, wildlife control.
Electronic bird control devices are greatly enhanced with the use of one or two visual scare tactics and physical deterrents.

Visual Bird Scare Products Visual scare products for ridding an area of unwanted birds.
These types of bird repellers work best when used in combinations.
Use Irri-Tape and Terror Eyes in same area for various bird species.
Combining an electronic bird control device with Irri-Tape is very popular in chasing away damaging woodpeckers.

As with all bird control products, visual scare items should be moved every few days until targeted pest moves out of area.  Items should then be moved to different locations at least twice each month to keep targeted birds out of the area.  These are merely suggestions to use as a starting point.  Vary your visual scare tactics in a manner that will keep your targeted pest confused and scared.

Physical Bird Deterrents

Physical bird deterrents help prevent pigeons, sparrows and other nuisance birds from hanging out in areas that come into conflict with humans and property.
Most birds have 3 primary locations used throughout the day.
These locations are used for nesting, feeding and loafing.
In some cases, any of the three primary areas need the use of sonic or ultrasonic devices in combination with physical deterrents.
Ledges, beams and other narrow areas can be protected with bird spikes or hot-foot type products.
Bird spikes are available in different widths and can be purchased in different lengths.  Different lengths only means purchasing spikes in total footage.  All bird spikes (Standard and Narrow) are sold in one foot lengths but are discounted in price for bulk purchases for larger jobs.
Example: If you order 100 feet of Standard Bird Spikes, you will receive 100 of the 1 foot long units.
Hot-foot products have been used in bird control for many years.  Bird spikes offer longer control with one application.  Hot-foot items can be used in areas such as ledges of various sizes and are applied in the same manner in which caulk is applied.

Standard Bird Spikes
Standard size bird spikes fit most ledges.
Use Narrow Bird Spikes for ledges that are 2 1/2 inches deep or less.
Each section is 1 foot long.  Available for purchase in 10 Ft., 25 Ft., 50 Ft. and 100 Ft. lengths.
Use special Spikes Adhesive to securely glue bird spike strips in place.

Narrow Bird Spikes
Narrow Bird Spikes for ledges that are 2 1/2 inches deep or less.
Each section is 1 foot long.  Available for purchase in 10 Ft., 25 Ft., 50 Ft. and 100 Ft. lengths.
Special Spikes Adhesive securely glues spikes in place.

Bird Proof Gel
This is a hot-foot type product that makes loafing or stepping on objects uncomfortable to birds, without harming them.  Birds' feet are very sensitive.  A Robin (for example) can feel an earthworm moving in the soil beneath its feet, allowing the bird to capture its prey with one swift stroke of its beak.  This sensitivity is taken advantage of with Bird Proof Gel.
Applied with a standard caulking gun.