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Fire Ants

Control fire ants by using either ant bait or contact insecticides, but never use both at the same time.
When baiting a property for fire ants, use the bait as a stand-alone product.
Contact insecticides will contaminate ant baits,  which will repel ants from eating the bait.

Fire ant baits can be broadcast over entire foraging area or applied around existing mounds.
Applying ant bait directly to a mound usually results in failure to control the problem, as ants would consider particles dropped on their mound as an aggressive act.  Baits placed in areas around existing mounds will be found by foraging workers and taken back to the colony for distribution.

Contact insecticides can be used two ways, outdoors:
1. Broadcast the insecticide over area using a hose-end sprayer.
2. Drench each fire ant mound or bed using a bucket or watering can.
For best results, use both broadcast and mound drenching.  The size of the area to be treated, access to running water and number of fire ant colonies usually dictate which method to use.

Mound drenching is an effective way to exterminate a fire ant colony.  Use at least one gallon of mixed solution per foot of ant mound diameter.  Slowly drenching the mound with a weak insecticide solution will soak deep inside the mound, killing thousands of fire ants.  Merely spraying the mound with a pump type sprayer will not flood the mounds' galleries as will the drench method.
Fire Ant Baits Formultions of fire ant baits include gel, granules and solid bait stations.
Contact insecticides should not be used when applying ant baits, unless a non-repellent insectiicde is used.
In most cases, it makes more sense to use only ant baits instead of combining contact sprays or granules with bait.  Allow the foraging worker ants to locate and transport your ant bait back to fire ant colony where it will be shared with the nursery and other worker ants.
When fire ants are found indoors, the best baiting solution is to choose a granular bait outdoors and bait gel or bait stations indoors.
Contact Insecticides for Fire Ants Insecticides used to kill fire ants in lawns or fields.
Used for either drenching fire ant mounds or broadcasting over larger areas, entire lawns.
The three most popular active ingredients in use for outdoor ant control:  Bifenthrin, Cypermethrin and Deltamethrin.  Products include Bifen IT, Cyper TC, Cyper WP, Demon, D-Fense SC.