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Flea control products include products to kill adult fleas and pre-adult fleas.  Pesticides kill adult fleas as they hatch from their protected pupae; insect growth regulators (IGR) prevent pre-adult fleas (eggs and larvae) from maturing past pupae stage.
Indoor flea prevention: Either use Flea Stoppers in carpets or spray flooring, baseboards, carpets with an IGR.  Indoor flea problems require a combination of pesticide and IGR.

Smart pest control measures first target the immature stages of the insect's development.  Using pesticides to kill adult fleas is important in many cases but should not be the main target in a professional IPM approach.  Not only are there more immature fleas than adults but the adult flea can be more difficult to control than its immature eggs and larvae.
Indoor Fleas Indoor Flea Products
Indoor sprays for killing fleas are labeled for killing fleas indoors.  Insecticides and insect growth regulators (IGR) labeled for broadcasting indoors are water-safe for fabrics and safe for people and pets when used as directed.  Keep children and pets out of areas being treated and keep them off until areas have been allowed to dry.
Two kinds of ingredients are needed to control indoor fleas:
  1. An insecticide labeled for spraying on carpets, upholstery and floors.  This will kill adult fleas as they emerge.
  2. An insect growth regulator (IGR).  This will prevent flea eggs and flea larvae from maturing into biting, reproducing adult fleas.  A good IGR lasts 3 months or longer indoors, when used correctly.

Insecticides and IGR are available for mixing and spraying indoors.  A commercial strength aerosol (Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray) which contains insecticide and IGR is also available.
For homes that do not have a heavy flea problem but need flea prevention, there are a couple of options:
Use Flea Stoppers on carpets, once each year or spray an IGR every 3 to 4 months.
Flea Stoppers and IGRs take care of flea eggs and flea larvae -- two stages of the flea that make up about 80% of the flea population.
Permethrin SFR and Nylar IGR
Permethrin SFR and NyGuard IGR (Indoor and Outdoor flea control)
Precor 2000 Aerosol
Flea Stoppers

Outdoor Fleas The number one mistake in outdoor flea control is using the wrong equipment.
Hose end sprayers are needed for this job, not a one gallon pump type garden sprayer.
For each 1,000 square feet of lawn to be treated, you will need 1 to 2 ounces of insecticide concentrate in sufficient water.  A minimum of 3 gallons per 1,000 square feet is used for outdoor flea treatment; 5 gallons per thousand is better.
A Glimour 20 Gal. Hose End Sprayer is perfect for treating an average size, 5,000 sq. ft. back yard or front yard.

Permethrin SFR is our most popular outdoor flea spray.  For super results, combine Permethrin SFR with NyGuard IGR, applied with hose end sprayer.
Our Indoor and Outdoor Flea Kit contains all four items: insecticide, IGR, indoor srayer and outdoor sprayer.

Keep people and pets out of areas during treatment and do not allow re-entry until treated areas have been allowed to dry. 
If flea infested area needs to be mowed or raked, do so before spraying for fleas.
Flea Kits Flea kits contain insecticides, IGR and equipment needed to treat for fleas.
Kit prices are less than purchasing every product individually.
Indoor Flea Kit, Outdoor Flea Kit and Indoor & Outdoor Flea Kit available.