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Glue Traps, Pheromones

Glue traps are used to capture a variety of pests, ranging from snakes and rodents to spiders and insects.
Special glues are used with electronic traps (ultraviolet fly traps, electronic flea traps) to keep glue from melting and making a mess.  Heavier glues are used to capture strong pests, rats and mice.
Still other traps contain glue that is either impregnated with pheromones or are designed to be used with pheromones to attract and capture certain pests of grains and fabrics.
Insects, Bugs Sticky traps for insects, bugs, spiders, fleas.  Pheromone traps for pantry pests, clothes moths.
(For electric fly trap pads, go to Fly Trap Replacement Pads.)
The sticky traps used to capture crawling or flying bugs can utilize shape, food lures, pheromones or any combination of the three to lure pests to the capture pads.
Use to capture and kill moths (clothes and grain), bed bugs, roaches, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, fleas, flies and others.
Traps for crawling or flying insects and rodents are different.  Both rodent and insect traps use glues specially formulated for specific types of pests.
Rodent and Reptile Traps Rodent and reptile glue traps use a specially designed glue for optimum catching power but also allows for release of pets or other animals accidentally caught in sticky glue.  Vegetable oil can be used to "bead up" or break up glue so that the glue loses its sticky power, releasing any animal you want to let go.
These traps contain no rodenticides, poisons or pesticides.