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Rodenticides (mouse bait) and different types of trap for controlling mice.
All rodenticides must be kept out of reach of children and pets.
Cannot be shipped to AK, HI, WA.
Snap traps can also harm little fingers and paws.  Even glue traps (glue boards) can harm non-target animals.  Keep mouse traps out of reach of children and pets.
Mice have a nest or home; they also have a food source.  Place your mouse control device (trap or bait) in an area between the rodent nest and food source.
For best results, clear area of all possible food sources - which may be the reason the mice are living where they are.  Feeding wild birds and squirrels in a feeder next to your patio or back door will sometimes attract rodents.  Such feeding should stop until mouse infestation has been exterminated.
Even with the very best, professional rodent baits being used, a mouse will many times ignore the mouse bait if it has a tasty, alternative food source.

Safety of family, pets and wildlife should be a major concern when planning a rodent control program.
Mouse baits should be placed in tamper-resistant bait stations.  Bait stations are not expensive, are re-useable and can save the life of a pet or child.
Tamper resistant does not mean tamper proof.  Even with the use of stations, bait placement that is easy for your targeted rodent to find should still be out of reach of children and pets.
Police area daily to pick up and dispose of any dead rodents.
Mouse Traps Traps for capturing or killing mice.
Choose from live mouse traps and kill traps.
Glue boards/ glue trays are considered to be kill traps.
Mouse Baits Mouse baits: rodenticides for killing mice.
Mouse Bait Stations for proper bait placement.