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Moles have soft fur, a pointed nose or snout and broad, powerful, clawed feet; their front feet enable them to quickly maneuver through the soil, tunneling as they search for food. Moles have larger and deeper runs and  feed on young insects (including molecrickets), grubs, worms.  On their never ending quest for food, this animal's tunneling activity disrupts our lawns and gardens, separating the plant roots from the soil. Without root to soil contact, the grass or plant can obviously die where extensive tunneling is present.
The plants are not being eaten by the animal; the tunneling kills plants.  These furry little creatures love areas where grub and insect populations are high.

2% Zinc Phospide bait used to kill moles and pocket gophers. 1 pound container.
Cannot be shipped to AK, CA, CT, HI, IN, MI, NC NH, NY, WA.

Price: $16.00