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Though considered a gardener's friend, moles and gophers do wreak havoc on lawns and turf grasses.  Moles do not eat grass but their tunneling will seperate turf grass roots from contact with the soil.
There are different methods of mole control from which to choose:
Kill off mole's food source: grubs, worms, insects.
Repel moles from area with liquids or granules designed for the job.
Kill mole using a mole and gopher bait.
Kill mole with special traps.
Each of the above methods of mole control have their pros and cons.  Use the method you feel the most comfortable using, always taking into consideration non-target animals, pets and people that could come into contact with your control methods.  When using mole baits or insecticides/ grubicides, always read and follow label instructions.
2% Zinc Phospide bait used to kill moles and pocket gophers. 1 pound container.
Cannot be shipped to AK, CA, CT, HI, IN, MI, NC NH, NY, WA.

Price: $16.00