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Electronic Bird Control Devices

Electronic bird control devices vary in size to cover certain areas and in means of operation to help repel, control different bird species.
Ultrasonic devices scare birds and animals with sounds that are above human hearing but which have the effect of a large jet taking off to the animals.  Very useful in certain areas where audible noise is not acceptable.
Sonic devices have been improved upon with various scare sounds and better delivery systems than in years past.
For stubborn wildlife problems, sonic and ultrasonic have also been integrated in one unit, giving you the best of both worlds in bird control, wildlife control.
Electronic bird control devices are greatly enhanced with the use of one or two visual scare tactics and physical deterrents.
Sonic Bird Control Programable electronic sonic devices used to scare nuisance birds.
Units give you the ability to choose predator sounds and frightened bird sounds to scare away pests.

Ultrasonic Bird and Wildlife Control Ultrasonic bird control devices are not audible to humans but can be easily picked up by the sensitive hearing of wildlife.  Often used in parking garages, docks or other areas where birds are a problem but where the presents of humans restricts the use of sonic wildlife control.