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Wildlife control products for controlling or getting rid of unwanted animals in lawns, gardens, patios, decks.
Baits for controlling moles in the lawn, electronic repellers for various animals and birds.
Bats Bats are beneficial creatures that are an important part of our environment.
There are times when bats need to be discouraged from nesting in an area, due to either possible health matters for humans or damage done to structures over long periods of time.
Before scaring away or removing bats from an area, it is best that an alternate area be ready.  This will help keep the bats feeding in your area without posing a threat or problem.
Bat houses are excellent to use for this purpose.  Before chasing bats from stadiums, parking garages or the attic or crawl space of a home, have a nice bat house set up close by.

Birds Nuisance birds are those whose nesting and feeding habits tend to damage property, cause unsanitary conditions for the public and even endanger lives.  Birds do endanger lives when they encounter airplanes, for instance.
Bird control products are designed to be humane, using different tactics:

Visual Scare Tactics    Physical Deterrents    Professional Sonic and Ultrasonic Devices

Successful bird control programs usually involve the use of a combination of tactics.  For continued success, change your scare tactics from time to time.  Wildlife have shown the ability to adapt to their environment, with bears, raccoons, fox, pigeons being a short list of wildlife animals and birds who have adapted to live in close proximity to humans and man-made objects.
Moles Though considered a gardener's friend, moles and gophers do wreak havoc on lawns and turf grasses.  Moles do not eat grass but their tunneling will seperate turf grass roots from contact with the soil.
There are different methods of mole control from which to choose:
Kill off mole's food source: grubs, worms, insects.
Repel moles from area with liquids or granules designed for the job.
Kill mole using a mole and gopher bait.
Kill mole with special traps.
Each of the above methods of mole control have their pros and cons.  Use the method you feel the most comfortable using, always taking into consideration non-target animals, pets and people that could come into contact with your control methods.  When using mole baits or insecticides/ grubicides, always read and follow label instructions.
Opossum Opossum (aka Possum) is an animal that about the size of a cat, weighing from six to twelve pounds.
Can be 2 feet long, maybe a couple of inches longer.  As a story is retold, one whose is startled by a frightened Opossum, its weight and length tend to grow, but they are generally around 2 feet in length.
The Opossum is a marsupial which has more teeth than any other mammal in North America.
This animal has black eyes and white skin; its fur is not exactly luxurious in thickness.
When frightened, the Opossum will either faint (playing possum,) run away or stand its ground.
If it decides not to run, the Opossum will stand stff-legged (a stance used by many animals), bare its teeth and hiss, often drooling as it does so.
Many a person has startled an Opossum, making it respond with baring its teeth while hissing and drooling -- making the person think they have found a world record rat.  Only an Opossum.
Keeping pet foods picked up before nightfall and keeping tightly closed lid on trash containers is excellent prevention method for keeping this animal off your property.
If one does happen to becme a problem in a structure or in your lawn or garden, trapping is your best removal method..  We have not seen a possum repellent that consistently works.
The Opossum is fairly easy to capture in a live trap, compared to many other wild animals.
Use sardines, canned cat food, chicken (raw or cooked) or any other tasty food for bait.
To trap a possum, use a trap sized for capturing cats or skunks.

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