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Granules, insecticide aerosols, dusts and baits, insecticide concentrates,  fogging materials and insect growth regulators (IGR) are included in this category.
Insecticide Concentrates Professional strength insecticide concentrates used to control or kill household pests in homes and restaurants.  These products include insecticides in liquid concentrate, wettable powder formulations and suspended or microencapsulated products. Herbicide concentrates can be found in the Herbicide category.
Insecticide Dusts An insecticide dust is a dry formulation of a contact insecticide.  Dusts are used in different areas such as cracks & crevices, wall voids and other areas where certain bugs are pests.  Use insecticide dusts in areas where bugs (bedbugs, ticks, ants) hide and but cannot be treated with a spray.  Crack and crevice work is the most common use of insecticide dusts.
Stubborn, ongoing problems with bedbugs, ticks, German Cockroaches are usually the result of crack and crevice work not being done to enhance sprays.  A complete integrated pest management approach (IPM) usually involves dusting bug hide-outs.
Insect Growth Regulators Insect Growth Regulators or IGR inhibit the growth of immature insects.
If an insect cannot mature into an adult, it cannot reproduce.  Flea eggs and larva never reach adult stage; mosquito larvae die before reaching adult stage; roaches and other insects cannot molt properly, which inhibits their ability to reproduce.  IGRs can be used alone or used with an adulticide/ insecticide.
Fogging Insecticides, insect growth regulators (IGR) and application equipment used for fogging.
Fog materials for cold ULV foggers and thermal foggers.
Insect Baits Insect baits for controlling and getting rid of ants, fire ants, carpenter ants, cockroaches, silverfish, crickets and flies.  Brand names include Maxforce, Invict, Intice, Advion, Advance and others.  For rodent baits, go to Rodents and Rodenticides section of the store. Bait for slugs and snails are listed in Lawn Pests section of pest control supply store.  You can also search our site to locate a particular product name or active ingredient.
Aerosols Insect growth regulators (IGR) and insecticides in aerosol form.  Insecticides include residual sprays for cracks and crevices as well as carpets and furniture.   IGR aerosols include Precor for fleas and Gentrol for cockroaches, drain flies and certain pantry pests.
Talstar Aerosol has been discontinued.
Granules Insecticide granules are a dry form of insectiicde that are generally broadcast over lawns, flower beds, around shrubs or (as a general purpose barrier) scattered around the perimeter of a home or structure.
After broadcasting, granules should be watered or "watered in" unless stated otherwise in label instructions.  For more information on this form of pesticide, go to Insecticide Granules Information page.
Severe temperatures and UV rays can drastically reduce the effeciency of your product.  Dry granules also present possible hazards to wildlife, pets.
By watering your granular insecticide, you are introducing the active ingredient into the soil, thatch or mulch, where it belongs.
Unless stated otherwise in labeled intstructions, water granules and keep pets and children off until dry.
Always read and follow label directions.
Altosid Methoprene Granules are included in this category, although they are an IGR.