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Live Animal Traps

Humane live animal traps for trapping many sizes of animals.  Animals captured include chipmunk, mouse, rat, cat, raccoon, skunk, armadillo, medium dog, large dog, coyote.
Animals are not harmed by these traps, when used correctly.
Mouse, Chipmunk Small animal traps for capturing mice, chipmunks.
Styles range from standard box trap which captures one rodent at a time to multiple catch mouse traps.
There are 2 multiple catch traps: wind-up and low profile.
Squirrel and Rat Live trap sized to capture squirrels and rats.
As with other live traps, considered to be humane.  Animals left in traps for long periods are subjected to the elements and have no access to food (other than what is used to lure them into the trap) and water.
To keep traps humane, check on them often and take care of trapped wildlife as quickly as possible.
Not shipped to AK, HI, WA.

Raccoon, Cat, Armadillo Live traps designed to humanely capture cats, raccoons, armadillo and animals of similar size.
All humane live traps are shipped via ground freight or UPS Ground Service.
Traps manufactured by Safeguard.  Not shipped to AK, HI, WA.

Skunks Trapping skunks requires the use of correct size trap.
For your own defense you should seriously consider using a trap cover with your skunk trap
There are three different traps that can be used for capturing skunks:
Cat Trap
Raccoon Trap
Universal Live Trap. 
The live trap cover does NOT FIT the Universal Trap.
For best results, use a Cat Trap with a trap cover or the raccoon trap if you live in an area where nuisance wildlife is a constant problem.  (Raccoon size trap allows you to safely capture different sizes of animals (small raccoons, large raccoons, cats, skunks, armadillos, etc.)

Bobcat, Fox, Dog 48x15x22 Double Door trap with quick release rear door.
Use to catch small to medium size dogs, bobcat.
Cannot be shipped to AK, HI, WA.  Regular ground shipment, only.  No special deliveries.

Large Dogs, Coyotes Trap large dogs or coyotes with trap which has following dimensions:
60 inches long by 20 inches wide and 28 inches in height.  Cannot be shipped to AK, HI, WA.