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Pest Control Kits

Pest Control Kits contain combination of products for best control of certain pest problems.  Kits save money over ordering products individually.
General Pest Control Pest control kits or bundles that can be used for a variety of pest control problems.

Carpenter Bees Pest control kits for exterminating carpenter bees.  Also great for clothes moth control and many other household pests.  Several kits from which to choose.
Bed Bugs Combination of products needed to get rid of bed bugs and keep problem under control.

Fleas Flea control supplies, including application equipment for indoors and outdoors as well as insecticides and insect growth regulators.
German Roaches Adult German cockroaches are light brown and about 5/8 inch long.  They are most commonly found in the kitchen area around stoves, dishwashers, refrigirators, but can invade other rooms of the house as well.  
Spiders Pest Control Kit for Spiders
Boxelder Bugs Pest control kits used to control boxelders in and around buildings.