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Insecticide Baits

Baits used to control Ants, Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants, Cockroaches, Silverfish and Flies.
Brand names include Advance, Maxforce, Invict, Niban and other professional insect baits.
Ants Baits used to control common household ants: granular, gel and other formulations.
Brand names include Maxforce, Intice, Niban, Advion and others.
Carpenter Ants Ant baits used by pest control professionals for controlling carpenter ants.  Carpenter ant bait gels and carpenter ant bait granules.  Brand names include Advance, Maxforce and Niban. 
Fire Ants Ant baits specially formulated for control of fire ants.
Formulations include granular baits, solid ant bait stations and soft gel baits.
Brand names include Advance, Extinguish Plus, Maxforce and other fire ant baits.
To get rid of fire ants in and around homes or other buildings, a combination of products works best.
Granular baits around the home, gel formulations in cracks & crevices and solid bait stations close to ant activity presents the fire ant colonies a buffet that they cannot resist.
Roaches DO NOT USE INSECTICIDE SPRAYS, BOMBS OR AEROSOLS IN AREAS WHERE  ROACH BAITS ARE BEING APPLIED.  These contact insecticides will contaminate your bait, resulting in a failure to rid the building of roaches.
Only NON-REPELLENT INSECTICIDES can be used with or around roach baits.
These non-repellent bug sprays include Transport Mikron, Temprid and Zenprox.
Phantom II Insecticide Aerosol can also be used without contaminating your cockroach baits.
Roach baits are available in solid roach bait stations, gel formulations and granular baits.
To get rid of German Cockroach infestations, use a gel formulation.  The soft, gel baits have the texture very similar to toothpaste, making placement of baits in cracks and crevices very simple.  Small bait placements can also be made in cabinets and other areas where German roaches feed or hide.
Solid roach bait stations can also be used for German Cockroaches.  These should be placed out of reach of children and pets.
Granular baits are great for getting rid of roaches that wander into buildings from outdoors.  These granules can be scattered in flower beds, around shrubs, under decks and sheds -- or any outdoor area where roaches hide.  Indoors, granular roach baits can be used in wall voids, attics, crawl spaces or other areas where roaches hide while out of reach of children and pets.
To enhance the indoor roach baits, use an IGR or insect growth regulator that is labeled for roaches, cockroaches.  An IGR prevents roaches from completed their life cycle and drives the roaches to feed more and more often.  The combination of a roach bait and an IGR is often used in mulit-unit buildings (duplexes, condominiums, apartments) where German Cockroaches are a common pest.
Silverfish Insecticide baits designed to attract and kill silverfish in attics, wall voids and around buildings.
Flies Fly baits are generally used to kill filth flies such as house flies.  The attractants in fly baits are a lure to filth flies, although the baits will kill any fly that feeds on the bait.
Crickets Controlling crickets with insecticide baits is sometimes necessary due to location of cricket infestation and in situations where insect sprays or dusts cannot be used.