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Advance 375 Ant Bait, 8 Oz.
Advance 375 Ant Bait, 8 Oz.
Active Ingredient:  Abamectin B1...0.011%
Very similar to Advance Carpenter Ant Bait.  8 ounce container.  Also available in 2 Lb. container.
 Advance 375 Ant Bait contains same active ingredient as Advance Carpenter Ant Bait but has the advantage of using multiple sized granules.  This variant will encourage more ant species to feed on the bait, giving you better over-all control of ants on the property.
Advance 375 Ant Bait kills Carpenter ants and many common varieties of ants such as Argentine, bigheaded, crazy, field, Fire, little black, pavement, Pharaoh, Odorous, house, and thief ants
Can be shipped to NY.
Cannot be shipped to AK, HI, PR

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