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B&G My-Ti-Lite Fogger, Model 2300
B&G My-Ti-Lite Fogger, Model 2300
Ideal fogger for indoor and outdoor application, commercial or residential.
My-Ti-Lite Fogger is pre-set to deliver about 9 ounces of fog per minute.
Cold foggers deliver a cleaner fog than that produced by a thermal or heat fogger, such as Thermal Fogger used outdoors for mosquito control.

Fogging tip is recessed to prevent damage during transport or use.  My-Ti-Lite electric fogger delivers fog at a 45 degree upwards angle.
If you need to vary the droplet size of fogging particles, use the Ultra Light Fogger.  Ultra Light can be adjusted from 20 micron to 56 micron droplet size.
Flex-A Light Fogger has same adjustment and also has a removable flexible hose for directing fog into area of your choice.

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