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Carpenter Bee Kit #1
Carpenter Bee Kit #1
This money-saving kit contains everything needed to control Carpenter Bees and other household pests:
1 pint D-Fense SC
1 pound Drione Dust,
1 Hand Bellows Duster
1 Chapin pump sprayer
Each pint of D-Fense will make up to 20 gallons of solution.  At the higher rate needed for carpenter bees, spiders and other tough pests, the pint will yield about 10 gallons of finished solution.  Odorless, dries clear and gives at least 60 days residual in cracks, crevices and indoors.
When Drione Dust is applied to carpenter bee galleries with a hand bellows duster, the insecticide dust travels further into bee gallery.  Long tip gives dust a static charge, helping your dust cling to surfaces.
If you already own a pump sprayer, order Carpenter Bee Kit #2
Cannot be shipped to NY, CT, VT, HI, AK, WA.

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