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Carpenter Bee Kit #7
Carpenter Bee Kit #7
This money-saving kit contains everything needed to control Carpenter Bees and numerous listed household pests:
1 pint D-Fense SC
1 pound Delta Dust
1 Crusader Duster
1 Chapin sprayer
Mix 3/4 ounce D-Fense SC with one gallon water in sprayer.  Use this solution to spray in holes and on any exterior surfaces where you want to discourage carpenter bees from boring into wood.  Any left-over solution can be used to spot-treat indoors and to treat any possible entry point or hiding place on building.  Defense SC is great for controlling spiders, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, roaches and many other listed pests.  For  indoor and outdoor use; odorless, dries clear and is water-safe for fabrics.
Once sprayed carpenter bee holes and other areas have been allowed to dry, treat all carpenter bee holes or nests with insecticide dust.  Fill duster about 3/4 full of dust, replace stopper and shake dust contents in duster before using.  Hold the duster correctly: flat side of duster at top and stopper on bottom.   With duster nozzle in bee hole, squeeze duster 3 or 4 times to disperese the dust through the carpenter bee gallery.  This job is best done in evening.  As daylight fades into night, carpenter bees will crawl into their holes to sleep.  Evening applications give you a better chance of a quick kill and less chance of being stung by an angry female carpenter bee.
This kit is for times when pyrethrins are in short supply and Drione Dust is not available.
Drione Dust, D-Fense Dust and Delta Dust are all great, professional products.  Drione has a little faster knock-down of insects; D-Fense and Delta are water-proof and will stand up to weather better than conventional dusts.

Cannot be shipped to NY, CT, VT, HI, AK.

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