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Chapin Sprayer 21210XP

 Chapin 21210XPsprayer has a durable plastic tank with a metal handle,
brass wand and a brass adjustable tip.
Total capacity of ths sprayer is more than one gallon.  This gives more room for air preassure which means less pumping and more spraying.
Of all plastic pump type sprayers on the market, the Chapin 21210XP stands out as one of the most durable in its class and price range.  The only other sprayer we recommend is the B&G Stainless Steel and Brass Professional Sprayer.
To keep your sprayer in top working condition, follow these simple steps:
Never leave pesticide solution (or mixed insecicides, herbicides, IGR, etc.) in your tank.  Use what you mix, the day it is mixed.  Drain hose and wand before rinsing out the tank.  Never use bleach in a good sprayer such as the Chapin 21210XP.
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