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Flea Stoppers
Flea Stoppers
Each 5 pound container  of Flea Stoppers treats about 2,000 square feet of carpet. Although we call this product a dust, it is actually a very tiny granule. Treat carpet and furniture once a year for fleas; very safe and nonstaining. Kills the larvae stage and the eggs of the flea, which is about 80% of the flea population in your carpet.
Often called a flea powder for carpets, Flea Stoppers actually contains very tiny granules of boric acid.
Powders should not usually be used in carpets, as they can create a mess and can create airborne particles that might be inhaled.  Flea Stoppers is not a powder, but a granule.  The tiny granules will penetrate carpet fibers where they become wedged snuggly in the fibers for safe, long term flea control.
Guaranteed by the manufacturer for a full year!
Cannot be shipped to AK, HI, NY, NJ, CT, VT, WA.

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