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Gentrol Aerosol, IGR
Active Ingredient: Hydroprene...0.36%.  Same as Gentrol EC and Gentrol Point source, in an convenient aerosol form. Now approved for treating drains for fruit flies, gnats, drain flies.  Controls bedbugs, roaches, cockroaches, German Cockroaches.  Non-repellent, which means Gentrol can be used when applying roach bait gel or bait stations.  Is often used in conjunction with Maxforce Magnum, Invict Gold baits.  Contains no insecticides. Must be shipped via ground service; no air deliveries.
Gentrol Aerosol contains Gentrol®  Insect Growth Regulator. The IGR disrupts the normal development of immature cockroaches, drain flies, fruit flies, bedbugs and stored product pests (examples of these pests include: Indian meal moths, rice moths, tobacco moths, red flour beetles, confused flour beetles, lesser grain borers, merchant grain beetles, sawtooth grain beetles, warehouse beetles, cigarette beetles, and Dermestid beetles).
Roaches and bedbugs exposed to 
will become adults incapable of reproducing. 
GENTROL® AEROSOL also disrupts the normal life cycle of drain flies, fruit flies,and stored product pests; thus, killing these insects during the pupal stage. In both cases, the cycle of an infestation ends. 
Cannot be shipped to AK, CT, HI, NY, VT, WA. 





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