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Gentrol Point Source, Box of 20
Active Ingredient: Hydroprene...90.60%.
Gentrol Point source is an insect growth regulator in a discreet, non-spray formulation. Reduces roach and stored product pests by preventing pests from becoming reproducing adults and inhibits their ability to lay viable eggs.
Labeled For Use In Food Handling Establishments.
IGR that controls German Cockroaches, roaches, cigarette beetles and other pantry pests.
Plastic disks, that when squeezing the raised end of the device-penetrates 75 sq. ft. ,breaking the growth cycle-lasts 3 months. That way, pre-adult stored product pests never need to come in contact with the device. See Figure A.
Place the Gentrol Point Source device in areas where roach or stored product pest activity has been observed.
Pay particular attention to locations of roach activity. More devices may be needed in areas with a heavy roach infestation. Gentrol Point Source may be used in areas where food is handled or prepared. Do not place the devices in direct contact with food preparation surfaces or within two feet of exposed food.
One to two weeks after application, you will begin to see roaches with crinkled wings, showing the initial effects of Gentrol. Gentrol point sources prevents stored product pests from becoming adults thus breaking the life cycle.
Activating Gentrol Point Source is as simple as squeezing the raised end of the plastic, adhesive-back device. This releases Gentrol IGR onto a filter paper.Once in place gentrol will move into a 75 foot area and last 90 days.
Cannot be shipped to AK, CT, HI, WA.

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