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Hand Bellows Crusader Duster

Hand Bellows Duster. Same as Crusader Duster.  
Cannot ship to AK, HI, WA.

This duster makes applying insecticide dusts and small granular bait easy and accurate.
Hand bellows dusters are used to neatly and accurately apply Drione Dust, PyGanic Dust, Niban FG and any other insecticide dust or fine grained insect baits.  A must when treating for carpenter bees, bedbugs, ticks or other pests that hide from view.
These types of pest control products should always be applied to cracks, crevices, wall voids - areas where bugs hide or travel but where conventional sprays will not reach.  Crack and crevice aerosols will give about 2 weeks residual.  Correctly applied dusts and baits will last for several weeks.

NOTE THE POSITION OF THE DUSTER ON LEFT SIDE OF THIS PAGE.  This is NOT the correct position to hold your duster when applying product to "bug hide outs."  It is, however, the position for loading your duster.
Black stopper is pulled out, revealing large hole for filling with dust or bait.
Do not fill duster completely full!  You only need to fill duster 1/2 to 3/4 full.  After pouring dust or bait into your duster, place a small, clean, dry pebble in the duster before replacing the stopper.
The pebble will help your dust stay loose and not "cake up."
Now that you have filled and closed up your duster, turn it upside down. 
(Opposite position of the picture shown.)
Shake duster before application.  This will create a cloud of dust inside chamber.  A thin cloud of dust will penetrate further than a thick clump of dust.
Notice the small screw on side of duster.  Loosen this screw and pull out the rod, to clean out the duster's spout.  REPLACE ROD AND SCREW BEFORE APPLYING DUST.

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