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Maxcatch Giant Glue Trap
Maxcatch Giant Glue Trap
This giant glue trap is used for capturing rats and mice. Catching several mice in one evening is possible, in areas of heavy infestations. Case lot pricing is also available.
Although not always necessary, placing a small piece of food as bait in center of trap can lure hungry rodent onto trap.
Not shipped to AK, HI.
Most rats captured on this trap are caught as they run into the glue when in a hurry.  Using a lure (food) will increase your chances of a faster catch.  Dry dog food is a good choice if trap needs to be set out for several days or more.  Spam or sardines are excellent attractants but will dry up over time.
Cheese dries out very fast and is not usually the bait of choice among pest control technicians.

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