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Maxforce Spot Fly Bait
Maxforce Spot Fly Bait
Active Ingredients:  Imidacloprid...10.0%, Z-9-Tricosene...0.1%, Other Ingredients...89.9% 
Cannot be shipped to AK, HI, NY.

General Information
This product is a bait formulated to control house flies in rural and urban environments, in animal confinement areas (e.g., cattle, poultry, swine), in commercial establishments, and outdoors  in residential areas. The product can be used as a spray for treatment of surfaces, such as stable walls or waste containers, or it can be used as a paint-on application to walls and other surfaces such as pillars and compartment walls.
There is no need to spray the complete surface because this bait will attract pests to the treated area. Begin applications at the start of the season before fly populations have reached their peak.
Best results occur when the product is applied to many locations throughout the structure or facility.
Spray the product on surfaces where house flies tend to rest. House flies prefer warm, still sites for resting, so avoid cool or windy locations.
Begin applications at the start of the season before fly populations have reached their peak.

Mixing Directions and Use Rates
For spray applications, add 16 oz of this product to one gallon of water and agitate until completely mixed. One gallon of finished spray will treat 1,000 sq ft of fly-resting surfaces.
For paint-on applications, add 8 oz of this product to 8 oz of water (approximately 1 cup), and mix to desired consistency for best painting results. Apply mixture in narrow bands up to 6 inches wide on suitable fly-resting surfaces. Do not apply this product at a rate exceeding 8 oz for every 1,000 sq ft of floor space.
Application equipment
For spray applications, apply as a coarse fan or cone spray. Apply solution at a low pressure not to exceed 20 psi. Flush spray equipment with water to prevent clogging. For paint-on applications, use a brush or roller paint applicator to apply solution to surfaces. Clean application and mixing equipment with water after with water after application.

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