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Rodent Cafe Rat Bait Station, B&G
Rodent Cafe Rat Bait Station, B&G
Low profile rat bait station with rods for rodent baits.
Requires key to unlock. Key included.
Holds rat and mouse bait; not designed for traps.
Designed to make rats and mice feel "at home" so that they will enter the bait box easily and eat all the bait they would like.  Rodenticide bait blocks are easily secured on metal rods.  This helps keep bait at good feeding height while preventing rodents from removing bait from station.
Often, rodents will attempt to hoard food after they have eaten a meal.  This hoarding results in too much bait used to eliminate the rodent population and increases the possible hazard of a pet or non-target animal finding the bait.  The Rodent Cafe bait station securely holds your bait, keeping it safe for rats and mice instead of children, pets and non-target wildlife.

In any baiting program, whether it be for rats or mice, the area should be monitored on a daily basis for dead rodents.  A dead rodent can be picked up by a pet or other animal, increasing the chances of secondary poisoning.  Dispose of dead rodents, old rat bait properly.
Cannot be shipped to AK, HI, WA.
Must ship via Regular Ground Service, only.

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