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Temprid SC
Temprid SC

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Active Ingredients:  Beta-cyfluthrin 10.5%,  Imidacloprid 10.5 %.
Kills bedbugs, ants, ticks and many other listed pests.
Yields 25- 50 gallons of finished solution. Temprid is mixed between 8 ml (0.27 oz) to 16 ml (.54 oz.) per gallon of water.
Temprid SC Insecticide has a combination of two powerful residual insecticide chemicals, beta-cyfluthrin 10.5% and imidacloprid 10.5 %. The dual modes of action works very well on pests like ants, making it one of the best ant control products.
Temprid SC may be used inside or outside. Size: 400 ml (13.52 oz.)
How Imidacloprid works.

Ants (excludes Pharaohs ants),Bed Bugs, Box elder bugs, Carpenter ants, Carpet beetles, Centipedes, Clothes moths, Clover mites, Cluster fly, Cockroaches, Crickets, Darkling beetles, Dermestids, Earwigs, Elm leaf beetles, Fire ants, Firebrats, Fleas, Fruit flies, Gnats, Ground beetles, Hide beetles, Hornets, House flies, Leather beetles, Midges, Millipedes, Moths, Mosquitoes, Multicolored asian lady beetles, Phorid flies, Pill bugs, Scorpions, Fungus gnats, Silverfish, Sow bugs, Spiders (excluding Brown recluse spiders), Springtails, Ticks, Wasps, Yellow jackets.

 Cannot be shipped to: AK, CT, HI, IL, NY, RI. 

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