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VT-140-1 Trigger Kit
VT-140-1 Trigger Kit
B&G Trigger Kit VT-140-1.
The VT-140-1 part number was once only the valve trigger.
B&G Equipment Company now uses the same VT-140-1 part number for the entire assembly.
Parts included in kit:
1 Valve Trigger (previously VT-140)
1 Screw Housing (previously SH-142)
1 Trigger Screw (previously TS-141)
Many technecians were replacing the valve trigger if it became too damaged to loosen or tightened.
What was many times being ignored was the hole in the trigger (where screw housing was placed.)  If the hole in the trigger wore to one side, the hole was no longer round.  This mishapen hole caused the valve cable to pull at a severe angle, weakening the cable to the point of breaking.
By replacing the entire valve trigger assembly, pest control operators are not forced to purchase as many valve cables as in the past.  The savings in parts pale in comparison to the down time caused by broken cables.

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