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Victor Mouse Snap Trap,Professional
Victor Mouse Snap Trap,Professional
Pack of 10 Mouse Traps
We carry only the expanded trigger, professional model snap trap.
The expanded trigger is not only more sensitive for small rodents, it is also a better platform for baiting the trap.
Cannot be shipped to AK, HI, WA.
Chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallow and other soft foods can be spread or smeared onto the expanded trigger, making it very difficult for mice to steal your bait without setting off the trap.
Expanded trigger also has a built-in hook for tying objects to the trigger.  This is useful when using foods such as bacon.
Another trick (if you encounter a picky mouse) is to tie a cotton bowl to the mouse trap trigger; apply just one drop of vanilla extract to the cotton ball.  This serves as a 2-way bait: mice are attracted to sweet vanilla smell and a nesting mouse cannot resist a cotton ball.

Placing mouse snap traps out in pairs will yield better results.  Set two traps against wall (or other object), end to end with traps' triggers facing away from each other.  This set-up will catch a mouse traveling from either direction.

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