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Wasp & Hornet Kit
Wasp & Hornet Kit
Contains 2 cans Wasp Freeze, 1 Lb. Delta Dust and a Crusader Duster.
Wasp Freeze is an aerosol designed to kill wasps on contact, from a distance of up to 15 feet.
Best used at dusk when bees and wasps tend to rest and become more lethargic.  More wasps, bees, yellowjackets will be on or in their nests at dark, compared to daylight hours when they are all busy gathering food, tending to the needs of the nest -- and defending the nest.

Hornet Elimination

Products mentioned are included in Wasp & Hornet Kit
  • Treat the hornet nest as late in the evening as possible. Remember that all wasps, hornets and bees are at rest when it is dark. Not only will all the hornets be in the nest for you to exterminate (instead of foraging for food some distance away) , you will be at far less risk when they are resting. No one wants to treat a hornets' nest with hornets dive-bombing their head!

  • When approaching the nest, move slowly so as not to disturb the sleeping pests. If eliminating the nest in late evening is not possible (forcing you to work in broad daylight), avoid crossing the obvious flight path. You also do not want to cast a shadow across the nest while you work.

  • For initial "knockdown" or quick kill, use a professional wasp freeze aerosol; this type of aerosol gives you a greater distance from which to spray.
    The wasp freeze should first be directed at the entrance of the nest to kill guards.
    Next, thoroughly soak the remainder of the nest. For the average size nest (or larger) you will need two cans of wasp freeze. These types of aerosol are not very expensive and you do not want to run out of product in the middle of the job.

  • You can now finish the hornet elimination. This is best done using Drione Dust or Delta Dust. Either one of these products will do an excellent job, and they also are packaged in a container that allows you to apply the dust directly. Ease the tip of your dust container (or Crusader Duster, if you prefer) into the entrance and quickly squeeze three or four times. This will send the pesticide dust far into the galleries, where it will remain long enough to kill all hornets.

  • After 24 to 48 hours, all hornets should be dead. (If not, you simply repeat the dust application). You can now safely remove the empty nest.

Cannot be shipped to AK, NJ, NY, VT, CT, HI, WA.
Must be shipped via regular ground service; no air deliveries.

Must be shipped via ground service; no air deliveries.

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