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Bifen IT Insecticide Concentrate 3/4 Gallon

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Active ingredient: Bifenthrin...7.90%
Talstar P and Bifen IT have the exact same label.  Very low odor synthetic pyrethroid has long residual, controls dozens of listed pests.
Bifen dries clear, leaves no stain.  Can be used indoors and outdoors.
Best for long-term control of lawn pests as well as pests of ornamentals.
Bifen It controls over 75 different pests, including spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, pillbugs, chinch bugs, earwigs, millipedes and termites.
Application:  Inside, outside, around the perimeter, ornamental, and food handling areas(limited). 
Mixing:  Qt. of Bifen IT yields up to 96 gallons depending on target pests. To make 1 gallon of 0.06% emulsion, mix 1 oz. of Bifen IT with 124 oz. of water
Pet safe once treated areas are dry.

Cannot be shipped to NY, CT, HI, AK

Bifen IT can used in a hose end sprayer or compressed sprayer.

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