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Boractin 1 Lb. Boric Acid
Boractin 1 Lb. Boric Acid

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Active Ingredient:  Orthoboric Acid...99.0%
BorActin Insecticide Powder is a new insecticide dust for use against  a wide range of crawling insects in both existing and new construction  applications.  The moisture-resistant dust is processed in a pharmaceutical-grade air-mill for  excellent dustability without clumping.
BorActin is long-lasting,  economical, odorless, and non-repellent. The dust is not affected by  heat and will remain active indefinitely. It is ideal for application  in voids and other inaccessible areas. BorActin is labeled for use in  federally-inspected food plants, in both food and non-food areas and  contains a blue warning dye. It may also be used in poultry houses for  darkling beetle control, as well as in sewers. BorActin may be used in  new construction pre-treat applications for prevention of cockroach and  drywood termite infestations. Versatile, long-lasting and economical.
Cannot be shipped to AK, HI, WA.

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