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Dominion 2L
Dominion 2L

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Active Ingredient:  Imidacloprid.....21.4%
27.5 ounce container yields 50-100 gallons of finished solution.
2.15 gallon yields 500-1000 gallons

Dominion 2L (Premise 2) concentrate is labeled for outdoor use.  This non-repellent insecticide is primarily used for the control of termites and carpenter ants.  Non-repellent simply means that insects cannot detect the presence of the material and will not avoid areas where Dominion insecticde has been sprayed.
This is important when a carpenter ant job requires the use of an ant bait (carpenter ant bait) and a contact insecticide.  Repellent insecticides will contaminate ant baits, driving targeted pests to other areas instead of feeding on your bait. 
Imidacloprid products will not contaminate ant baits, carpenter ant bait.
For completed intructions (mixing and treatment) see the complete Dominion 2L Specimen Label.
Compare Dominion 2L to Premise 2
27.5 ounce bottle of Dominion 2L yields 15-30 gallons of finished solution.
Cannot be shipped to AK,HI,CT,NE, NY, MA, MI, WA

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