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Final Rodenticide Pellet Place Packs (291)
Active ingredient: Brodifacoum... .005%  Compare to Talon G Pellet Packs
Re-sealable pail containing 291 packs with each pack containing 25 grams pelletized rat and mouse bait.
Brodifacoum (active ingredient) is the most powerful anti-coagulant on the market.  When tested beside other rodenticides containing Brodifacoum, rats and mice preferred Bell Lab's Final Rodenticide over all other baits with same active ingredient.
As with all rodenticides, place this product in areas inaccessable to children, pets and non-target animals.  
Rodent baiters such as 
Rodent Cafe or Protecta Bait Station should be used to provide safer placement of all mouse baits and rat baits.
Final Rodenticide is labeled for controlling Norway Rats, Roof Rats and House Mouse.
Cannot be shipped to AK, CA, HI, WA.

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