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Martins Dominion Tree and Shrub
Active Ingredient:  Imidacloprid...1.47%
Dominion Tree and Shrub can  be used as spray to foliage and as a soil drench around base of plants.
Controls aphids, lacebugs, elm leaf beetles, leafhoppers, scale, whiteflies and many other listed pests.
Click on specimen label link to see complete mixing instructions and pests controlled by Dominion Tree and Shrub insecticide.
Not for sale, use or distribution in or into Nassau, Suffolk, Kings or Queens Counties, New York.
Cannot be shipped to AK, HI.

Soil application of Dominion Tree and Shrub provides systemic activity and longer residual control as compared to foliar applications.  May be used on bedding plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, groundcovers and woody ornamentals in landscape plantings as a soil surface spray.
Individual trees and shrubs may be treated with a soil drench. 

Foliar applications with water should be made as a thorough cover spray to provide uniform distribution.
Spray to wet all foliage (leaves, stems and branches.)  Target the undersides of leaves and ty to penetrate dense foliage with the spray droplets.
For foliar applications, mix 1.5 teaspoons of Dominion Tree and Shrub per gallon of water.
SOIL DRENCH to Individual Trees and Shrus:
Dominion Tree and Shrub quickly dissolves in water, allowing the insecticide to move through the soil into the root zone.  Once in the roots, the insecticide moves up through the tree or shrub providing year-long insect control.  Dominion Tree and Shrub will also provide control to new growth.
Drench applications to individual trees will control pests listed. (See specimen label)

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