D-Fense NXT
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D-Fense NXT

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If you are battling bed bugs, this is the tool you need.


D-Fense NXT is a remarkably effective and long lasting contact aerosol.  Its broad label allows applications both indoors and outdoors, on mattresses and surrounding bed frames for bed bug infestations, and in food/feed handling areas.  General surface applications are also allowed.  D-Fense NXT contains three different active ingredients with three distinct modes of action to help in the fight against insecticide resistance and providing contact, residual and long-lasting IGR (growth inhibitor) effects.  Available in 15 oz cans.


Features and Benefits

  • Breaks the lifecycle of bed bugs and many listed insects
  • No PPE is required
  • 360 valve allowing tilt use of can and for awkward applications
  • Ready to use formulation
  • Excellent control of bed bugs.  Can be applied directly to mattresses and box springs
  • Can be used in food handling areas while in operation



Product Label

Product MSDS


Ground shipments only.  Can not be shipped via air because of aerosol regulations.


Can not ship to AK, CA, NY, WA


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