Invade Bio Drain Gel, Gallon
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Invade Bio Drain Gel, Gallon

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Economical gallon size of Invade Bio Drain gel formulation.
Invade bio Drain into any fly infested drain to eliminate organic flim in which fly larvae develop.
Invade Bio Drain contains microbes that eliminate odors and eat through scum where flies can breed.  Also contains citrus oil for extra power.  For large or on-going problems with drains or with gnats or flies in drain lines, gallon refill is economical way to help maintain clean lines.
Also available in quart size for small job or for application.

Invade Bio Drain gel can be blended or mixed with an IGR (NyGuard, Gentrol, Nylar) and with pyrethroid insecticides or non-repellent insecticides to aid in the control of flies.  This blend is often used in drains where flies are known to breed.  Excellent for controlling source of Moth Flies, Drain Flies, Sphaerocerid Flies, Phorid Flies, Fruit Flies.
Cannot be shipped to AK, HI.

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