Invade Hot Spot
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Invade Hot Spot

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InVade Hot Spot is a probiotic foaming cleaner that contains premium, natural, scum-eating, odor eliminating microbes to do the dirty work. It contains no harsh chemicals or odors. The rich thick foam clings to surfaces as it slowly dissipates giving the microbes maximum contact time to digest scum and eliminate odors.  It's perfect for carrying along on a quick service call or leaving behind as an add-on sale. Hot Spot does the cleaning that no one else will.

Hot Spot comes with a 360 degree valve and fan spray actuator, making it easy to coat scummy surfaces. A 24 inch extension tube is also available . This flexible, extra long extension tube makes it easy to get the scum eating power of Hot Spot foam around corners, deep down drains, or into tight spaces. The standard fan spray actuator is simply popped off and the extension tube actuator is snapped on in its place. Two extension tube actuators are included in each case and are also available to purchase individually for a nominal cost. 

Packaging: 16 oz aerosol can.  Cannot be shipped to AK, HI, WA.
Must ship via ground service; no air or special deliveries.

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