CB 80 Extra Pyrethrin Aerosol
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CB 80 Extra Pyrethrin Aerosol

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Active Ingredients: Pyrethrins...0.50%, PBO Technical...4.00%

17 ounce container


If a spider is spotted in or around our home, CB 80 is what everyone grabs.  A great knockdown aerosol, also works on ants, roaches, silverfish, or just about any other insect crawling in your home.

CB 80 Extra Insectide Aerosol,
Pyrethrin Aerosol that is very similar to Cessco Pyrethrin Aerosol.

Use as space spray or crack and crevice spray.

For approved sites and listing of pests controlled by CB-80, check the product label below.


Product Label

Product MSDS

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