D-Force Aerosol
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D-Force Aerosol

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D-Force Aerosol 14 oz

Active Ingredient........Deltamethrin 0.06%


Deltamethrin in the convenience of a residual aerosol

For effective control of Bed Bugs, Spiders, and over 40 other pests, turn to the crack and crevice residual solution of D-Force® insecticide.  With a residual proven to last up to 8 weeks, D-Force achieves control of a broad spectrum of pests, including bed bugs, fleas, carpet beetles, and termites.


Approved for use in food areas, D-Force is highly effective at very low (0.06%) application rates on cockroaches, ants, spiders, and other crawling insects.  D-Force can be applied in restaurants, meat packing and food processing plants, granaries, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels, and transportation equipment.


Wood destroying insects living inside trees, utility poles, and fences:  D-Force insecticide must be used as a spot treatment for control of above-ground termites inside trees, utility poles, fencing and decking materials, and similar structure members.  Whenever possible, locate an inferior infested cavity and inject in the appropriate quantities.  Repeat applications as needed to maintain control of re-infestations.

If you need to treat the wood for termites, you will want Bora Care or Timbor.  If you need to do a soil treatment around the exterior of the home, use Taurus SC.


D-Force Specimen Label

D-Force MSDS


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