Deer Scram All-Natural Deer Repellent Granules
Deer Scram All-Natural Deer Repellent Granules
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Deer Scram All-Natural Deer Repellent Granules

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Deer Scram is a granular repellent formulated to repel deer from vegetable gardens, fruit trees, shrubs and other outdoor plants. Deer Scram lasts 30-45 days and will not wash away with rain. In fact, water enhances it.

How it works: The granules work by releasing a unique odor that deer (and also rabbits) associate with death, which offends their sensitive sense of smell and triggers their fear instincts effectively repelling them from the desired area. To humans, Deer Scram simply smells like a mild fertilizer. 

Deer Scram combines all-natural, ingredients such as dried blood 39.3%, garlic 2.8%, white pepper 2.8%, cloves 0.9% and meat meal 54.2% that are safe to use in organic gardening. 

Use: Sprinkle product liberally covering the ground in a 16" wide strip for individual plants or bushes that need protection. The initial application of Deer Scram must be substantial enough so as to visibly cover the ground around the desired areas to be protected. For larger plots, apply a 20" protective strip 18" outside the area to be protected. Then apply interior 16" strips within the perimeter, spaced about 30 feet apart.

2 lb. bag with built-in easy shaker cap will protect up to 1280 sq. ft. 

6 lb. container will protect up to 5,400 sq. ft. 

Cannot ship to HI, AK, or WA.