DeTour For Rodents
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DeTour For Rodents

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Active Ingredient:        White Pepper..........3%

Inert Ingredients:         White Mineral Oil....87%



DeTour for Rodents is a dynamic, new-technology rodent repellent based exclusively on bio-repellent technology.  DeTour is the first Fifra 25b exempt rodent bio-repellent product and can be applied for both interior and exterior management programs.

Effectively repels:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Other non-rodent pests
  • Insects (including roaches...woo hoo!)

How it works:

DeTour uses the active ingredient Capsaicin, which is extracted from hot peppers.  Capsaicin is completely harmless yet has been successfully used to repel rats, mice, squirrels, and other animals such as raccoons.  This ingredient has the same effect on rodents as it would on us.  When rodents come into contact with DeTour, they experience the feeling we experience by eating hot peppers or rubbing these peppers on our skin. (Anyone who has used Capsaicin in a cream for anything knows EXACTLY what we're talking about!)

The second pests invade a treated area, they will feel the need to flee and start looking for ways to get out of the area.  After DeTour has touched their bodies, they carry the product back to the places where we can't effectively treat.  Anywhere the animal goes with the formulation makes it inhospitable to current and future residents.  This revolutionary product is the first of its kind that takes the repellent with the rodent to the rodent's home.  DeTour is a scientifically proven and humane pest control that uses a physiological adverse reaction.  DeTour can be used alone or with other rodent repellents.

 Instructions for DeTour for Rodents 10 oz tube (see product label for complete instructions)

1.  Cut end of tube off at the nozzle stem.

2  Screw on applicator nozzle and use directly or cut off nozzle tip for a larger bead halfway down the applicator nozzle.

3.  Load and lock DeTour for Rodents cartridge tube into standard caulking gun.

4.  Slowly pull caulking gun trigger.  There is very little product resistance - be careful as it can come out of tube very quickly.

5.  Treat area as described in application instructions (refer to label).


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