German Roach Kit #2
German Roach Kit #2
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German Roach Kit #2

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This roach bait kit is for homes heavily infested with German Cockroaches.

The German Roach Kit #2 includes:

4 tubes of Invict Gold Cockroach bait gel
1 box Gentrol Point Source IGR

Invict Gold Cockroach Bait Gel has shown excellent acceptance in the field.  Including Gentrol Point Source in your cockroach bait program will increase roach appetite for faster kill.  This IGR will also inhibit the German Cockroach's ability to reproduce while keeping roaches from maturing into a reproducing adult.


Invict Gold Label                          Invict Gold MSDS

Gentrol Point Source Label         Gentrol Point Source MSDS


Cannot ship to NY, CT, HI, AK, WA.

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