Gold Stick Fly Trap
Gold Stick Fly Trap
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Gold Stick Fly Trap

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A great way to start minimizing the number of flies you are seeing inside is to use Catchmaster Gold Sticks.  Each Gold Stick comes with a granule bait and a liquid pheromone attractant to make the traps a little more enticing. 

Each Large Gold Stick is 24 inches long.  Can be hung in horizontal or vertical position.

Small Gold Stick (11" long and perfect for window sills) also available.

Gold Stick fly traps aid in the control of indoor flies and should be used as part of an integrated fly management program.  To rid your home of flies, get rid of the source.  Filth flies breed in the same material in which they feed.  If they are breeding in a drain (very common in kitchens), use Invade Bio Drain to eliminate the source.

You can also use pyrethrin aerosols, such as CB 80, to spray in the air for a quick knockdown of heavy infested rooms.  CB 80 is also great to spray directly on any insect to kill it.

Cannot be shipped to AK, HI, WA.

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