Invade Bio Zap qt
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Invade Bio Zap qt

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InVade Bio Zap is a ready-to-use liquid for quickly eliminating organic odors at the source.

Quart container with trigger sprayer attached.  InVade Bio Zap gallon refill also available.

It can be sprayed on carpets, walls, fabrics and a variety of other surfaces to eliminate odor from pets, smoke, excrement, and other organic matter.  Invade Bio Zap may be sprayed or fogged.
Use Invade Bio Zap instead of Daw Gone or Bac-Azap.
Invaded Technology is natural, biodegradable, nonpathogenic and works without the use of harsh chemicals or orders.


For suggested use and areas where Invade Bio Zap may be sprayed, see product label.


Product Label

Product MSDS

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