Matrix II Four Seasons Ultraviolet Fly Trap
Matrix II Four Seasons Ultraviolet Fly Trap
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Matrix II Four Seasons Ultraviolet Fly Trap

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Each Matrix ultravioletfly trap is shipped with 4 25watt UV bulbs and capture pads.
Ships via Regular ground only; no special deliveries.  Dimensions: 21" x 14" x 5"
Covers up to 4,000 square feet when using 4 UV bulbs.

Matrix II Four Seasons Fly Trap is available in a black or white cabinet with  regular or shatterproof bulbs.

This is the most versatile ultraviolet fly trap available.  With other electronic fly traps, using less than maximum number of bulbs will result in burning up the unit, making it useless.
The Matrix shown here can use as few or as many UV bulbs needed for the job.
In smaller areas or during off season (when fly populations are low) you can save your bulbs and lower electrical bill by using one or two UV bulbs -- without causing any damage to the fly trap.
For larger areas, use three or four ultraviolet bulbs for maximum coverage and better fly control.
You also have have the choice of purchasing a white cabinet or black cabinet, to better suit your surroundings.

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