NyGuard IGR Concentrate
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NyGuard IGR Concentrate

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Active Ingredient: Pyriproxyfen... 10.0%

Insect growth regulator (IGR) lasts up to 7 months and can be transferred from location to location by insects which come into contact with the material, which is especially helpful with mosquitoes.  The adults land on the product and take it back to the breeding source, which stops the larvae from maturing.  Killing them before they can become blood-sucking adults!  Woo Hoo!

For details on how NyGuard works and the pests that are controlled by the active ingredient Pyriproxyfen,

NyGuard IGR Concentrate is an insect growth regulator used to control fleas, roaches (cockroaches) and many other listed pests.  Very small amounts of this IGR are needed to stop insects from maturing into adults.  Without reproducing adults, the pest population is greatly reduced.
Nyguard can be used alone or mixed with contact insecticides.  Nyguard can be used as a spray or fog.



For more info about NyGuard, check out the product label.

NyGuard Product Label           NyGuard MSDS

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