Phantom II Aerosol
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Phantom II Aerosol

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Active Ingredient :  Chlorfenapyr ... 0.50%
17.5 Ounce aerosol, Prescription Treatment Phantom II Aerosol is one of the best aerosol sprays for killing bed bugs on mattresses and in cracks and crevices.  Works great when combined with Transport Mikron.
Phantom II Aerosol has an active ingredient (Chlorfenapyr) which gives three distinct advantages when working on bed bug, German cockroach and pantry pests:
1) Non-repellent does not repel or move pests from one location to another.
2) This non-repellent quality means that you can incorporate this residual insecticide in your baiting program.  Conventional pesticides or bug sprays contaminate roach baits (such as Advion, Maxforce Magnum or Invict Gold) but non-repellent products such as Phantom II Aerosol and Transport Mikron do not contaminate your professional roach baits.
3) German cockroaches and bed bugs have become resistant to conventional insecticides.  Phantom II will kill those pesticide resistant bed bugs and roaches.
Cannot be shipped to AK, CA, CT, HI, NY, WA.

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